Sunday, August 12, 2007

Jamaica Elections 2007 Debates - Flips and Flops

The heat is on and in two weeks we will know the direction the Jamaica is going, changing course or not. The electoral debates were interesting and in my opinion based on what I seen so far the JLP won overall. This is my breakdown.

Scores out of 10

Debate 1
Peter Phillips : Ken Baugh 8:7

Both debaters were good but Philips edged out Baugh with his better use of the time limits. Truthfully much of what he said was fluff but debaters do that from time to time leaving you to pick out the critical points. Phillip's explanation of the crime problem, linking it primarily if not entirely to the drug for guns trade, was lame and pretty much explains why we have continued to have this problem for the last eighteen(18) years. Baugh I think pointed to the issue of poor social conditions and joblessness which comes closer home to the problem.

The problem with corruption is so deep in the country, to the point where two of the prime minister's bodyguards are seemingly involved in car stealing rackets. One has been charged and the other, a woman, cannot be found and is wanted for questioning. Now if the Police Proctive Services Division is struggling to find honest cops to be bodyguards for the head of state, it is clear we have a serious problem in Jamaica.

Debate 2
Audley Shaw: Omar Davies 0:0
I have not listened or watched this debate yet as it was on a Friday night but based on what I have heard, Audley won. Given some of the writers who have declared Audley the winner then he must have done well.

Debate 3
Bruce Golding : Portia Simpson-Miller 9:4

Simply put Portia Simpson-Miller was no match for Bruce Golding and as a few of 80 odd comments(as at 9 p.m. Sunday night) on the Jamaica-elections blog alluded to, I would like to be able to sit in on a cabinet meeting. Seriously it must be very interesting. Portia spent most of her time talking about 'I' and 'Mama P' and her love for the Jamaican People. When the serious questions where asked no proper answers where generally forthcoming.

On the other hand Bruce Golding for the most part was very good. His answer to the flip-flop question could be used in a JLP Ad. It was that good as he pointed to Manley's promise to Jamaica not to deal with Marc Rich and then doing it and ask was that a flip or a flop. He then pointed to Patterson promising in 2002 to remove tuition fees by 2005 and failing to do and asked is that flip or flop. He then explain his reasons for leaving the JLP and his answer simply destroyed that flip flop argument.

Colin Virgo on TVJ's second panel with Simon Croskill said it right that with all the people that have switched from JLP/NDM to the PNP this flip flop argument is really pointless and dead.

So keep watching and pray for peace interesting days lie ahead.

Update: August 13, 2007
Audley Shaw: Omar Davies 8:6
Now that I have listened, Audley clearly won this one. I mean given his opposition is possible that he actually almost did better that Bruce. Omar Davies still remains in the position trying to work out where the country is and where he actually wants to take it.

Audley raised a point that a lot of people keep ignoring. In Jamaica today remittances is our number one foreign exchange earner coupled with the fact that with the growing number of persons who don't want work or who are no longer looking. Put it another way, there are a lot of people would simple sit around and wait on the their next appointment at Western Union. Someone needs to explain how we are going to get out of that rut.

p.s. I know I have not been blogging as much but I have been very busy at work but I will be trying to write more as I find it very relaxing.


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