Friday, January 13, 2006

Adams reinstated, Adams not reinstated

The word reinstate means to restore to a previous condition or position. With that in mind, I am trying to understand the reports about the reinstatement or not of Renoto Adams.

On Wednesday, January 11, 2006 the lead story in the Jamaica Gleaner stated the following, "THE SIX policemen recently acquitted of murder in the controversial Kraal case have been reinstated in the Jamaica Constabulary Force, police spokesperson Karl Angell said yesterday".

On Thursday January 12, 2006 the Jamaica Observer stated the following, "SENIOR Superintendent Reneto Adams, freed of murder last month over the Crawle killings, remains off the job until the Police Services Commission (PSC) orders his reinstatement police chief Lucius Thomas said yesterday".

Also on Thursday somewhere in the Jamaica Gleaner newspaper there was a brief stating that a letter requesting the reinstatement of the policemen had been sent to the PSC.

What is going on? Is the media or persons within the media(with an agenda) reporting what they want to hear? Was Karl Angell misquoted? If he was this is another blow for credibility of the media and this sort of poor journalism also damages the reputation of the person misquoted. We expect the media to report the facts as they are and with clarity. If the media in Jamaica continues to make reports like this with glaring inaccuracies there will be soon no point in reading the newspaper or listening to news on radio or television

The interesting thing is that the already credibility damaged Jamaica Observer wasted no time in rebutting the Jamaica Gleaner story which is a positive but not a good thing for the credibility of the Jamaica Gleaner.

Another curious thing about these two reports is the spelling of location of the incident that resulted in this case. Is it Crawle or is it Kraal? The poor public must be left wondering. Can someone explain this to me.

We are still asking can we have credible news.

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