Sunday, September 20, 2015

A key part of resolving the "Slide to upgrade" issue is to identify the correct IPSW file to download
for the Apple device iPad/iPhone/iPod

Identify the Product Type
Method 1
    1. You know your Device is e.g. iPhone 5c
    2. With you device connected to iTunes look under the telephone number
    3. Click the label, (it will change and show different things) until you see product type, note it e.g. iPhone5,4
Method 2
    1. Look at the back of your device e.g. iPhone 5c 
    2. Note the model number e.g. A1529
    3. Visit this site, TheiPhoneWiki, and Find the model number
      e.g. using the A1529 
    4. Note the identifier under heading "variant/identifier"
      e.g. using the A1529 you would see iPhone5,4
Find the Download
  1. Go to select device iPhone 5c.
    "in this case you will see two  iPhone 5c(GSM) iPhone 5c(global)"
  2. Check the versions and see which identify matches.
    in this case
    • iphone 5c(GSM)  is iPhone5,3
    • iPhone 5c(global) is iPhone5,4
  3. So the correct download would be iPhone 5c(global) is iPhone5,4
Now you can proceed to Solution to iOS9 "Slide to Upgrade" issue on iPad/iPhone

Updated September 22, 2015
- Some users suggest renaming the .zip to .ipsw file do to some browsers changing the file name

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