Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Toll Users Sweat It Out

Now there is a toll road but the traffic problems between Portmore and Kingston remain. The Portmore toll users who fork out between $40-$60 a trip must be wondering where is the truth to what there were told. After all they were told no more sitting and ilding in traffic and the money spent on the toll would be quickly gained from savings on their gas bills.

Well if the Television Jamaica reports are true, and seeing is believing, and the stories I have heard, nothing could be further from the truth. Nothing is worse that having your hopes for better being dashed and expecations turned to disappointments.

Just like water flowing in and out a canal, the more exits or the larger the exits the faster it will flow. That is the problem facing the Portmore toll Road. Marcus Garvery and Hagley Park Road in their present condition simple can not take off the traffic fast enough off the Toll Road to ensure a smooth and quick flow of traffic.

These issues were highlighted long ago by the non-engineers and traffic non-experts . Unfortunately the engineers, traffic experts, dollars-blind developers and the cash-strapped government just seem not unable to see that this problem would remain and the changes made would really have little if any real impact.

The toll users should give thanks to the toll boycotters. If there was not a toll boycott on, can anyone imagine how much more bad the situation would be?


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