Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Great Customer service

There are times we feel the quality of customer service meted out especially to Jamaicans in Jamaica is oh so disappointing. This is not always the case as there are so many cases that highlight the opposite and make us proud but they are often not mentioned. At times they are buried in the inner pages of the newspapers and they don't make the home pages of websites. Here are two wonderful cases I would like to share with you.

Excellent service in the Hospital
The first case was to be found in the Gleaner's Hospitality Jamaica edition of February 22, 2006 in an article written by Janet Silvera. In the article she talked about the excellent customer service she had received not at a hotel, not at a restaurant, not at a big bank but at a hospital. So impressed was Ms. Silvera that she even referred to the hospital as a hotel and recommended hotel practitioners to take a lesson or two from this institution.

She spared no effort in praising the doctors and the nurses for their five stars plus service. To borrow a quote from the article she said, "these 'descendants' of Mother Theresa have taken the idea of service to the zenith." If that was not enough she said further, "Having traveled to over 30 countries in four continents, stayed in some of the finest hotels, I thought I had seen great service, but what I was exposed to at Andrew's Memorial Hospital was second to none."

Burger King does it right
I will always talk about the simple but wonderful experience of customer service at Burger King Manor Park Plaza a few weeks ago. I was behind an elderly customer in the line who was taking forever to make up his mind. The attendants, being very observant, politely took and prepared my order without let the gentleman even realised what was going on. They were very kind, patient and assisted him with the options while ensuring that I got through as quickly as possible. The way they handled the difficult customer and the tricky situation was refreshing to say the least. There were no frowns, no faked smiles and no disgust, just genuine care. Even I after feeling a little impatient, having waited in line behind the gentleman, left the store feeling good with a smile on my face. I had learnt a lesson or two. Congratulations to the staff at the Manor Park Branch of Burger King. The branch at Washington Boulevard is another story but I am sticking to the positive.

Congratulations again to Andrews Memorial Hotel, sorry Hospital, for the excellent work they are doing and to the Manor Park Branch of Burger King for doing it right. Please keep it up and continue to be an example to the rest of Jamaica. Maybe it is time the Gleaner brings back that excellent series "what's right with Jamaica."

Taking a good leaf from a good book - Hospitality Jamaica


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