Thursday, February 09, 2006

Fear Killing Productivity

I have been used to working late at my office for the last few years with no real fear. Lately though after much pleading from some of my close friends I have re-considered my position and since 2006 I have been making a conscious effort to leave early.

The killing of the priests in 2005 where one bullet took snuffed out 2 lives shook me. I was at work that night and left after the shooting unaware of the tragedy that had occurred a few hundred feet from my office. I drive past that address most days after leaving work. Then there was the shooting of man on the same road. This was followed into this year an incident where a staff bus was hit by cross-fire and persons injured. There are also three incidents of bullets lodged in different windows of the building I work in.

This fear drives people to want to leave work early, to think of leaving work quickly and sometimes to quite simply ask why am I working here.

The fear generated by crime is a big problem. Although I believe in God and his protective care, it is pointless to walk in a path where you know darts are being thrown just to be presumptuous.
I am still praying that God's love will conquer the fear and that I will be as the good book puts it, wise as a serpent but harmless as a dove.


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