Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Crime to Plan?

As the PNP presidential race drags on the contest seems to becoming a two person race. There have been many interesting comments, statements and announcements. The overall puzzling ones have to do with how it seems that once they are set free, from the shackles of the present leader of Jamaica and the party, they are going to turn around Jamaica from the mess it is in. Where were all these plans and ideas in the last fifteen (15) years? Keep in mind that all four candidates have been influential members of the cabinet in those years.

There have been other statements that have also caught my ears. A supporter of one candidate, who is also a member of the cabinet, was reported to say that you have to vote for a leader that does not always need a sheet of paper in hand every time they need to make a speech. That statement has been followed by another that went something to the effect that you need a leader who does not need to get the topic or questions on deep issues three hours before a presentation.

Sensible to Prepare
Now I have two things to say on those statements. Firstly all sensible politicians and business leaders make it their duty to prepare for speeches and presentations. Even if the speeches are not written in its entirety, people who value their reputation and integrity always prepare and have their notes. Secondly, when since it has become a sign of inadequacy to ask for the topic or even the questions to be asked, especially when the subject/issues are deep ones? It is in the interest of persons and the organizations they represent that they properly prepare and give an intelligent and appropriate response.

These statements coming from a lawyer can only be seen as downright stupid if not embarrassing. If this is a sign of how this candidate with a PhD operates then it probably explains when we have gotten so many "pie in the sky plans" from that ministry, dating back from when the same lawyer ran it to now, with the only seriously successful one being the one backed by overseas partners who probably ensured that real planning and preparation occurred.

Maybe if this lawyer supporting the rock had planned his speech or made notes he possibly would not have uttered such rubbish. It might just suit us to have the candidate without the PhD running the country who takes the time to plan and ask questions before opening their month.


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