Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The church is going to use money to fight the dons.

Welfare warfare ... The title of this gleaner article

I hope the church is not thinking that they can win the hearts of residents with money. That is certainly not what I understand churchto be about. The church should be teach people about the love of God, love to fellow men and demonstrate this by helping people to help themselves. Handouts is not the way and would possibly only lead to "church donmanship". The church can not compete with the dons on material grounds. It is must be on spiritual grounds.

What people need is oppurtunity and what the church must do is speak out against those that corruptly use our taxes and don't manage it widsely. They church needs to speak out against the injustices of the security forces you are suppose to protect the citizens of Jamaica not brutalize them.

The truth is that generally there is no better to come because Satan is intent on destroying as many people as he can and condemn them to hell. Despite that, Jamaica can be a little heaven on earth so long as we allow the a true bible based values & attitudes to dominate our lives, hard work and love for God and our fellow man.


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