Thursday, December 15, 2005

Block the Road

It seems community disputes are everywhere. It also seems that the solution to every dispute is to block the road. Again another story in the gleaner. No it is not a community below Cross Roads in Kingston Jamaica or hotspots in Montego Bay but two it is well-to-do communities in the vicinity of the affluent Beverly Hills that have found themselves is dispute or as the Jamaica Gleaner puts it a feud. The Long Mountain Community is on the top of the hill while the Pines of Karachi lies at the foot of the hill.

The problems are;

* Too much traffic passing through, [Traffic problem everywhere]
* Residents from one community dumping rubbish (and faeces) in the other,
* Sewage from one community running into the other.

So what is the solution? Simple. The residents of Pines of Karachi decided to block the others out. Once again, blame and allegations of broken promises are being placed at the feet of that ill-fated institution National Housing Development Company (NHDC) and the National Water Commission(NWC). The poorly designed sewage system seems incapable of handling the number of persons that now call these two communities home.

Dispute Resolution Foundation you have some work do in the hills in valley now.


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