Sunday, January 16, 2011

Buju Banton Before the dawn

When Buju Banton was arrested in December 2009 on cocaine related charges, thoughts of holding "Before the dawn concert" was probably the farthest thing on his mind. In fact he was already on tour of the United States at the time.

His trial ended in deadlock in September 2010, a new trial was re-ordered. All this time Buju Banton, or Mark Myrie as his mother Olga Myrie named him, remained locked up in jail steadfast professing his innocence.

Fast forward to late 2010 and with bail granted, thanks to the assistance of Stephen Marley, the idea of the "Before the Dawn" Concert is born.

January 16, 2011 is the date and Gargamel Music clearly has made to effort the promote and make this concert a success.

With tickets apparrently all sold out, and persons on twitter talking about lines at the gate before 4:00 p.m., persons that though have a ticket will have to find alternate means of watching the show. According to pictures taken by writers the lines have been getting longer.

LIME Jamaica has made much about their new mobile TV and they needed something to drive the interest. As part of the promotion, they have given away free phones, free streaming and have streamed Rebel Salute and now Buju Banton' before the dawn. Phone users have apparently liked the ideas have lined up to get the Mobile TV phones resulting in reports that the stocks were exhausted. How many phoness, no one ever knows.

So for those that can't be in Miami or don't have a Lime Mobile phone your option appears to be to watch Buju and friends live at It will set you back US$25 but I guess for fans of Buju that is a choice they will have to make.

As one person on twitter puts it, it might be Buju's final performance with his new court case set to start next in February, but then again it might just the the darkness before the dawn.

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At 11:41 PM, Anonymous Rum and Relaxation said...

The recent events that have happened to Buju are sad beyond sad. The Gargamel has some hard time to do, but he has the talent to rise up from all that has happened.


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