Friday, August 15, 2008

Usain will bolt to Gold.

With the prelimnaries and quarterfinals of the 100M out of the way, we now have a fair assesment of how things will look tomorrow. By the time the 100m winner is known, the finalists would have run 4 races in roughly a 36-hour span, Thursday night to Saturday Morning, Jamaican time, therefore conservation of energy will be key. We will keep that in mind in our analysis

This is where Bolt looks just as awesome as lightning. Running in the quarter-finals in heat 4, with respected 100M runners such as Olympic Silver medalist (2004) Frances Obikwelu (Por) and Darvis Patton (USA), Bolt got a good start and looking to the left and looking to right after about 50-60 metres simply strolled to victory in 9.92 seconds. Reviewing the action on the big screen after the race, he flashed a simle applauded his effort and off he went, the sign of a confident and relaxed man on a mission.

Athletes to watch include Richard Thompson (T&T), and the Churandy Martina (Netherland Antilles) as both stopped the clock at 9.99 secs in comfortably winning their respective quarterfinal races. Asafa looked focused and did not too troubled by the loss of blood either taking his heat in 10.02 secs.


The semi-finals tomorrow should be interesting and the race rosters will effectively affect the make up of the finals, as going will be tough. In addition to runners previously mentioned look out for Asafa Powell, Walter Dix, Marc Burns and Tyson Gay. Gay does not look comfortable, it could be said he looks rusty but then again he cannot be counted out. Others to watch are Derrick Atkins of the Bahamas, 100M World Silver Medalist 2007, Micheal Frater, 100M World Silver Medalist 2005 and World Silver Medalist Kim Collins.

The here is the script. Barring a horrendous start or a disaster, it is Bolt for Gold

The result of the 100M finals come Saturday Morning, Jamaican time is.

  1. Bolt(JAM)
  2. Powell(JAM)
  3. Thompson(T&T)
  4. Gay(USA)
  5. Patton(USA)
  6. Martina(AHO) 
  7. Burns(T&T)
  8. Dix(USA)

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At 4:34 PM, Anonymous Pepsi said...

oops. you predicitons of the 100m for the most part- dead wrong. The only person to match with your ranking is Usain Bolt. Asafa 'big baby' Powell legs didn't worked in the finals and the day before he was complaining about tummy ache.


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