Thursday, March 15, 2007

Irresponsible Boyfriend - Pregnancy knocks Miss Jamaica

For the first time in the history of the Miss Jamaica World Pageant a queen will have to give up her crown. The reason is that she is pregnant and that goes against competition norms.

Although Sara takes a fair share of the responsibility for this situation, more blame rest with that irresponsible boyfriend. Whether we want to accept it or not the reality is that men are the more logical beings while women the more emotional. This is why when the two comes together their is suppose to be balance.

As the man, the logical one knowing what was at stake, he should take logical steps to prevent this. Too often women get all the blame for unwanted pregnancies but as a man that is something I do not buy. Here is a beautiful black Jamaican young lady, who has followed her dream won the Miss Jamaica World, won the Miss World Regional (Caribbean) while placing sixth at the Miss World contest in Warsaw Poland. She has formed many new friendship and become the inspiration to countless others, in effect a role model, the kind of poster girl organisers of Miss Jamaica World wanted. With all this in mind as the man in her life, that boyfriend had the responsibility to help her make the best of, not destroy, this opportunity so many girls dream for. Remember Miss Yapp of few years back.


If he loves her so much he would taken every "precaution" to ensure that this did not happen. Simply controlling his urges and keeping in mind that he would not in no way help her destroy the one year reign she worked so hard far. When you love someone you look out for that person, you put their interest at heart. Sometimes you even have to put their interest, and urges, before yours. That is real love not this infatuation and "oh I am so crazy about you" thing. She will spend a good portion of the rest of her life being remembered as the Miss Jamaica World that had to step down. Is that the love this irresponsible man has for her? Further in the annals of history she will be remembered as the first one in Jamaica. That is some legacy to have to live with.

As part of the year's reign, her charity work centered around children living with HIV which put the stakes even higher. Prevention of HIV/AIDS is about abstinence and being responsible, using a condom. Has that irresponsible man helped destroy that message? Listen I know women can be in heat but it is up to the logical man to control the situation. All too often men get too selfish and in their ego trip to say/boast 'hey' I am sleeping with Miss Jamaica World, forget the real deal.

The real deal is that sex is should really be about love and in reality should be left for marriage in a settled framework of lifelong commitment. It is hard for you say that in the society we live today but it is true.

Men can say no or can't they?

If there was no form of protection on hand, there is the morning after alternative or simply all he had to say was darling no. What? Is it men can't say no? Responsible men do. Men who really care about their girlfriend's future, dreams and ambition do. All too often when a girl gets pregnant is school she is kicked out in shame while the boy is seen as the "the big man". It seems for a man to say no is to be seen as 'sissy' and weak but strong men say no. It is the emotionally weak, selfish and irresponsible ones that can't.

Do you know how much more some women would love their men if their men would sometimes say no. I know is difficult to believe because it goes against the grain of everything that is pushed in our face these days. Sex sells, and we live in a highly sexualised society.

I know Sara will bounce back from this and do well. To the men out there I say control yourselves and remember you are still charge and with that comes responsibility. Given all I have said there might be another side to this story.

Pregnant Miss Jamaica gives up crown
Pregnancy dethrone queen


At 12:33 AM, Blogger Shaggy's girl said...


Thanks for your very thoughtful commentary. I also believe that the man in this situation was irresponsible for not owning up to his role in it. It is a very difficult situation, especially looking from the outside, but my take is that if Sara was sleeping with several people at the same time, then the entire community, which supports beauty pageants and the sexualisation of our bright, educated young women is RESPONSIBLE. Pageants like this make it seem okay for men to treat future women leaders like whores, to look down on their achievements, and make it look as if their entire worth is bound up in the lines of their bodies.


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